The Dream Keepers - Awake

Z. Oko

Mona is taken to realms of existence that are normally forbidden to most, realms that exist beyond the imagination. Dreams meld into reality forcing Mona to confront just how crucial her work as a Dream Keeper is. The previous threat that had imposed itself onto the astral realm still exists causing a ripple effect which manifests itself as a shocking revelation upon the waking world. Along with her fellow Dream Keeper, Danny, Mona must first delve deeper into her mind to uncover her own truths and fears which are holding her back. The discoveries and beings which impose themselves into Mona’s world have a deeper meaning which must be unearthed before she can move forward. The truth is her only hope and at the same time it’s frightening. To unleash her true power, Mona must choose between what is right for her and what is right for everyone else too.