The Dream Keepers - Architects of Duality

Z. Oko

Mona discovers the constructs of the mind, the very realms that make up consciousness. Once Mona encounters the physical manifestations and the functioning of them it becomes apparent that her work as a Dream Keeper has only truly just begun. Glancing upon the many faculties and the inner workings, Mona soon comes to realise just how complex a seemingly simple thought process can be, whether it be good, bad or indifferent, and it all starts with intention.When a new threat appears Mona is shocked at the source of its origin. Loyalties are unhinged and friendships are put to the test. Mona must choose to remain noble or succumb to another reality. A reality where the greed and lust for power is unfathomable. Friends and family are deeply involved and the only way to keep them safe is to rewrite history whilst at the same time transcending the architecture of duality.